Originally published Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 01:28p.m.

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams Elementary-Middle School announced its October Students of the Month.

The October Student of the Month (SOM) for pre-k is Sawyer Skinner. Sawyer is a student who exemplifies “SOARing” every day. He comes to school happy and ready to learn. He is an amazing peer role model and cooperates well in all situations.

The SOM for kindergarten is Xander Rocha. Xander is a conscientious student who always tries his best. He is polite to adults, kind to others and is always looking for ways to help others and myself. His teacher is glad to have Xander’s smiling face in her class as a good example of soaring to others.

The SOM for first grade is Alden Vance. Alden has done a tremendous job this year being accountable for his behavior. He is always on task in the classroom, doing his work and participating in discussions. He is very supportive of his classmates, whether it is helping someone tie their shoes or checking on a sad friend, he always shows he cares. His teacher is proud him.

The SOM for second grade is Laila Trujillo. Laila is a joy to have in class. She is committed to doing her best, always taking responsibility for her learning. Laila has topped out on her high frequency words, completing book ten. She currently has a 100 percent on all her spelling tests. Her teacher is very proud of her and knows she will continue to push herself even further.

The SOM for third grade is Amelie Pearson. Amelie is not only a very capable student, she is conscientious in all her assignments and whatever is expected of her. Aside from being a great example of what a third grade student should be, she has a love of learning and she is a crack up. You can always count on Ami to put a smile on your face and be a great role model for those around her. Ami is an absolute pleasure to have in class and her teacher is happy to have her to help cheer us all up.

The SOM for fourth grade is Ava Almendarez. Ava is new to the school and is a great addition. She has been a great example and role model to her peers and always tries to do her best. She is diligent about turning in her homework and classwork and is always respectful. Her teachers are happy to have her in their class this year.

The SOM for fifth grade is Hailey Castillo-Unsicker. Hailey is a very diligent student and always strives to do her very best academically. Even though Hailey is new to the school this year, she has embraced other new students and has helped them to feel welcome in our classrooms. She is an excellent role model for her peers and has been an extremely positive addition to the fifth grade.

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The female SOM for seventh grade is Erika Wolf. Erika is always on-task during class and giving her best effort. She wears orange and black every Thursday and is a great source of school spirit. She is also supportive to the students around her. She has turned in all her work this year and is excelling as an art student.

The male SOM for seventh grade is Miguel Rocha. Miguel has grown tremendously since last year. He is doing his best work in class, and is one of the first to jump up and offer to help with something in class. He encourages his peers and supports them in the classroom. He also takes it upon himself to help friends who are struggling and is becoming a strong leader and role model for his peers.

Information provided by Williams Elementary-Middle School

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