Originally published Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 09:41a.m.

We live in Southern California and my daughter, 19, a college student, was driving with a friend from our home to her friend’s house in Colorado.

As any parent would be, I was nervous about them driving that far in an older car so far from home. They broke down near Williams and limped into town. They pulled into Perfection Auto. The owner, JP Walker, noticed them trying to get the hood open. Although being very busy, he stopped what he was doing and happily came over to help. He was so generous and kind to them. He was not only honest with what they needed to repair the car, he went above and beyond to make sure they were safe to make it the rest of the way. I called to thank him and he stated he was happy to help and could understand as he was a parent too. Thank you Mr. Walker.

Julia Beresford

A grateful mother

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